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List of Free P2P File Sharing Sites (Updated)


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Most of these sites work in a similar fashion: share a room link or file URL with anyone, and they’ll be able to download the file directly from your device. No program download or user account required.

1.Sharedrop: Open that link on more than one local devices and they’ll be added to the room automatically, or share the public URL with people outside the network. Select anyone to send a file to them.
2.Filepizza Choose a file to share and get a special link to send to anybody.
3.Cendme Select files to send and get a password-protected page to share.
4.Xkcd949 Pick any file from your device to get a single-use, direct download link.
5.Snapdrop For local networks only, share messages and files by simply opening the site.
6.Blaze Share your room link and pick a username, and any file you send to the room is available to the other recipients.
Filetransfer Filetransfer.io is a platform designed for file transferring in the simplest and most reliable way. The website allows users to transfer their files up to 6 GB size without charging them.
Uploadfiles Uploadfiles.io is a file hosting database where users can have their data uploaded for as long as they choose. The uploading process is anonymous free, and secure.
OnionShare OnionShare is one of the best file-sharing services which allows sharing your files anonymously yet with security through the Tor network. It is an open-source platform where an onion address is created, and people can visit this address through Tor Browser to access the data you wish to share.